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Duoflame 36kW

Duoflame 36kW

Duoflame 36kW

Simple ! - Yet Technically Advanced & Compact, Self Cleaning Boiler.
  • 36kW heat output, with impressive automatic modulation to 3kW
  • Highly efficient fuel combustion (over 90%)
  • Optional CO2 & weather compensation control
  • Low emissions - environmentally friendly
  • Compact design requires less space for transport and installation
  • Easy to clean and service
  • Automatic self-cleaning options, with handy ash drawer
  • Reliable burning even when there are variations in the standard pellet quality or size (consumes 6mm or 8mm pellets)
  • Can be easily integrated into existing heating systems and combined with other heating systems, e.g. oil, gas or solar
  • Single feed screw connects directly to bulk store (2.3 m straight pellet auger included as standard)
  • Reliable design, with over 40,000 burner units in use
  • Quality peace-of-mind engineering from Sweden's leading and original pellet burner manufacturer
Duoflame Wood Pellet Boiler is designed to burn pellets in a safe, easy-to-use environmentally friendly way. Highly efficient and economic wood pellet heating is provided by the boiler's twin self-cleaning combustion units conveniently mounted on the front of the boiler.

The user friendly control panel systematically interfaces with both burners providing automatic, ignition, fuel feeding, cleaning and combustion optimisation, while modulating down to 10% of each burners output, ensuring complete combustion is achieved and pellets are economically consumed.

Automatic cleaning of the burner combustion cup and large ash pan increase service intervals and where the optional automatic heat exchanger cleaning system is installed promotes boiler efficiency thus delivering more green heating into your house.

Duoflame's exacting dimensions make for a small foot print and is suitable for installation in a basement, garage or outhouse. Installation is made easy with plumbing and electrical connections grouped together or the rear of the boiler.

Janfie NH Pellet Burner:
The Janfire NH self-cleaning pellet burner's robust and intelligent design promotes reliability and long service life typically the burner can bemoperated for 6 months without the need for servicing or inspection. The burner's patented moving grate scrapes away ash & clinker, feeding it into the large ash pan.

The Duoflame comes with a 2.3m straight auger as standard, and a number of optional wood pellet storage solutions. Pellet storage hoppers come in many shapes and sizes, from 50kg to 10,000kg, though we would advise that the Janfire Pellistore may be particularly appropriate for some smaller systems and spaces (see below).

Janfire Pellistore: 
In keeping with the space-saving boiler design of the Duoflame, our uniquely designed Janfire Pellistore intelligently makes full use of the floor space. Pellistore is a weatherproof fabric tank supported on a galvanized steel frame. The tank comes flat-packed for ease of delivery and installation in rooms with challenging access. The unique air bag design allows the reserve fuel supply of pellets to be moved from the sides into the centre of the store, right on top of the auger screw, allowing the final half tonne of fuel to keep the boiler heating. In contrast to some other hopper systems, it uses over 90% of the fuel before needing re-filling, and is an ideal partner for the Duoflame boiler system.


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